Why ProducerTraining.com?

Heightened regulator scrutiny in recent years has emphasized the importance of assuring that Independent Life Insurance Agents maintain a strong understanding of the products and marketplace in which they operate.

Agents need more than a market conduct memo or handbook to improve their ethical practices. They need real training! Bring your existing information to life with narrated and animated presentations.

Easily outsource the development of compelling training tools. ProducerTraining.com is an inexpensive and fast delivery mechanism to bring your company into compliance with necessary agent training. Rapidly drive your entire sales force into the areas you desire.


Instant Value Added Marketing Benefits: Expose your field force to the nuts and bolts of your products allowing your marketing team to focus on relationships with your agents rather than technical support.

  • Capture your marketing message and spread your contact potential.
  • Effortlessly train your producers on how to complete necessary sales forms.
  • Imagine being able to train your agents anytime, anywhere.


ProducerTraining.com can create a fully customized product "rally point" for recruitment and training of existing and new agents as new products are launched into the market place.


With many insurance products and riders, the numbers tell the story. Our online calculator tools can bring your concepts to life allowing your agents to better understand important features.


ProducerTraining.com creates a compelling platform to demonstrate your corporate commitment to compliant business standards while enriching your agent’s overall knowledge and skill.

Suitability, Market Conduct and eliminating the most common complaints…

Our very successful Annuity Agent Survival Guide outlines the keys to success for any agent working in the senior market today. This presentation includes an online testing module designed to record and store each agent’s knowledge on these important topics. The Survival Guide educates and engages the agent in the areas of Suitability, Senior Market Studies, Eliminating Complaints and Ethical Business Practices.


Use ProducerTraining.com to create internal training presentations to keep your employees on the cutting edge and fully integrated with your corporate direction.


Create multiple choice and true/false testing modules that follow your online presentation to document your agents have been trained and understand your important content.

Insurance Companies

Decrease exposure and costly mistakes.

Let us develop training specifically for your forms and products.

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Capture your best practices and fully develop the potential of each producer.

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